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Guest Selection

Guests. The most important element to the project next to the overall theme and concepts. When selecting the guests to interview on the podcast, I looked through my database of women in music and chose women within varying sectors of the industry. 6 episodes. 6 guests. 6 sectors of music.

1. PR& Playlisting. With promotion being a popular career path for those entering the music industry, when communicating with the female population in the industry I discovered that it was still a male dominated sector. However, as playlisting is growing in popularity as a form of promotion and as a career choice it was important to include within the podcast.

Katie Guthrie is the ‘Queen’ I choose to interview regarding online promotion and playlisting. Although Guthrie is still working to complete her degree in Music Business, she has curated a vast community through social media account Underground Sounds. Which she has used to launch varies projects such as playlisting, a record label and a promotion company.

2. A&R. As the music industry continues to evolve through the use of online tools the world of A&R scouting is also changing. This is a sector which is heavily male dominated, however, it is becoming more popular within female and non-binary employees to seek a career.

For this episode I selected Faye Ryden. Ryden is a freelance A&R scout amongst other job titles with experience in online scouting. This is an area in which I, personally lack knowledge and found that other women who I have spoken to also wish to know more about.

3. Photography. With the pandemic being the cause for many areas of work to dimmish, photography is an area which has increased in curiosity. However, when researching a ‘Queen’ to interview, I found that I was mainly being recommended male photographers at a more established level.

Kayleigh Bissett. A female photographer where live photography is a passion. With Bissett I wanted to showcase that the traditional way of networking to create opportunities is still a viable path. This is due to the uprising of higher education in music business degrees, it is important to highlight that skills, networking and passion is still enough to create a career in music.

4. Creator. Whilst the concept of the project is to bring spotlight to women who work behind the scenes in music, including an artist within the guest list brings forth the work they do before they make it to the stage.

Natalie Joy. A female artist from Paisley with over 10 years of knowledge in the entire process of creating music. Joy, stage name ‘ASKALICE’ brings experience in being a rounded creative from song writing to producing to artwork.

5. Journalism. Considered a dying sector of the industry, journalists have revived their sector through review sites and online magazines. The inclusion of this sector will, hopefully, inspire a new generation of music journalists.

Sarah Holden. An English singer-songwriter/ music journalist is the Queen I selected. Holden has experience in a range of sectors and as a performer can provide insight into the type of journalist’s artists, record labels etc look for to promote their work.

6. Management. Artist management, whilst still male dominated, is becoming a more desired position by females as skills such as organisation and negotiation become more female geared.

Imogen Goulding. A new manager in Glasgow who is currently growing her roster. As Gouldings position is at a more entry level, I found it important to showcase the beginnings of a career in music as it is currently happening.

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