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Recording/ Producing

When deciding what software was best to record, it is important to consider the quality of the recordings and the comfort of each guest. Before recording with any guests in a formal setting I tested various recording platforms including Zoom, and Soundtrap.

I chose to record on Zoom as it provided me with the audio and video recordings as separate files. I then chose, due to the request of my participants, to only use the audio recordings within my project.

During the recording process I ensured my guests were comfortable and allowed the talk freely with the knowledge that the final edit of the episode would be provided before it goes live. If they were not satisfied with the episode, alterations could be made.

Once recorded, I uploaded the file to where I could then edit the episode. Within the software I could also record intro/outro segments, include background music and theme music. I decided to record an intro/outro for every episode which introduced the guest and allowed the audience to recognise my voice prior to the interview.

Once edited with theme tune, intro/outro and interview I was able to upload straight to Spotify for public listening. Although, as I was also promoting the podcast through my website, I was also able to take the RSS code to publish the podcast on different sites.

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