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As my main form of promotion was going to be on my social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, a recognisable brand was important. Whilst developing the name for the podcast I originally created ‘Music Monthlies’, however, due to copyright I discovered that a magazine already had a similar name. Therefore, I created the name ‘Queens Behind The Scenes’ with a focus on women in music who work off the stage.

As I had the name ‘Queens Behind The Scenes’ (QBTS) I wanted to create a logo and branding which was fun, eye catching, matched the theme of the podcast and still remained associated within my own website branding. The colours which I already have associated with my website are light pink and light blue. For the podcast I took the royal tones of blue and pink to fit in with my website but also gave the podcast its own recognisable colour palette.

When it came to promotion, I used my established platforms on Instagram and Facebook in order to gain the support of my audience and to reach more women with an interest in working in music. I am ensuring to share the same message throughout all platforms but adapting the to audience I have on each platform.

With my knowledge of online promotion, I knew that the creation of an uploading schedule. With this mindset and the time, I have for the deadline I decided that a bi-weekly uploading schedule would fit best with my other uploads on my site. I will upload every 2nd Thursday at the same time.

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