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Charlie Baker 'Didnt Know'

Charlie Baker.

Love. A relatable and forever occurring topic. Written about since the beginning of time, both the good and the bad, love is loved by everyone. But only the greats capture it in a way that we all admire & envy.

Charlie Baker, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter is one of the greats. Taking his time to shine by the…gonads, Baker releases his 2nd single ‘Didn’t Know’. Sharing the ugly story of being cheated on by the one you love. Whether you've been cheated on or you know someone who has, it’s never a pretty sight.

‘She had a man I didn't know’

‘Didn’t Know’ is the gorgeous blend of 90’s R&B and pop that seems to be taking over the charts today. Beat producer, Theo Onasanya, and mixing expert, Sahir Kabani, gave the track sprinkles of their magic to create the masterpiece that is ‘Didn’t Know’.

After the successful release of his debut single ‘Better With Me’, which received airplay on top radio stations like Amazing Radio. Since Baker has grown his fanbase on social media platforms & is now working his way to the top!

Listen to ‘Didn’t Know’ now!


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