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Monza Express Find Their 'Lady Belle'

Monza Express.

Aberdeen legends, Monza Express are back! And they have been busy..

Almost 2 years ago I had the utmost pleasure of reviewing Monza Express & they have worked like madmen since to bring you new music with a unique sound for your eardrums. Glorious, isn't it?

One of the band's songwriters and frontman, Frazer Batemen, has produced this summer's soundtrack with single ‘Lady Belle’. With 3 songwriters in the band, the guys are never short for new ideas, new influences, and new hits. Lady Belle is perfect for those long hot beach days…(or so I imagine living in Scotland).

Following the tale of unreciprocated love (it's the theme of the week), Monza Express provides a different view on the tale as old as time. When someone likes you and you aren't so sure if you like them back…sticky situations. Do you go for it? Or do you reject the idea instantly? Lady Belle ends with the person of interest giving in & giving love a shot, an act more common than you think.

Heavily inspired by The Beatles in the ’60s, the track is lighthearted in bass but heavy with those drums and guitar. You can't control the head bobbing. With a likeness to The Fratellis you just can't ignore, Monza Express have found their festival anthem.

After cramming 2021 with as many gigs as possible, Monza Express shows no signs of stopping! I can't wait to see these guys rocking Glasgow Venues.


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