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Chay.Wav is Seeing 'Visions of Red'

Chay Wav.

Edinburgh- based dance-pop artist, Chay Wav is here to take you on a journey. Not one to shy away from experimentation, Wav has seen great success since his debut single ‘Fragments’ in 2019.

Today, yes this glorious Friday, Wav release his latest single ‘Visions of Red’. Written in the confines of a Travelodge hotel room, with only a phone to record Wav quickly turned this hungover pastime into a whole new concept. If you’re not a dance-pop wizard like myself, who usually needed a strong beat and a catchy chorus, open your mind. Wav produces tracks with a focus on the adventure he can take you on.

‘Visions of Red’ is the darker of his releases, with a strong, centering, African influenced beat Wav has developed contradicting compositions within this work, the soft ethereal lyrics with the heavy beat created a form of transcendence one may not be expecting.

With radio play from Amazing Radio USA, Wav is set for nothing but success with the upcoming release of his debut EP ‘Queer’!


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