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Chloe Hawkins single 'Melodies & Heartaches'

Chloe Hawkins.

Missed me?

After a very much-needed break from all things responsibility-related, I am back with some very exciting reviews.

This week we are taking a deep dive into the mind that is Chloe Hawkins. Hawkins is a Perth Uni student based in Glasgow. With a deep passion for exploring different genres, tones, and topics, Hawkins is gearing for a rounded career in music.

Since learning to write her own music at 15 to begin performing in 2018, Hawkins has continuously broke chains with her music. Taking the stance to do what she loves every day, Hawkins is a name you want to remember.

Debut EP ‘Melodies & Heartaches’ is a deeply emotional collection of tracks. Hawkins biggest aim with this release is to provide young women with the inspiration to remain strong and highlight that no one is alone. Powerful.

This 4 track EP features single ‘Final Kiss’. After the crazy success of ‘No More Broken Hearts’ that racked up over 7000 streams, Hawkins is working to continue her way to the top. ‘Final Kiss’ works as an anchor for the artist. Allowing her to process her own trauma and emotions in a way which works. The single is a deeply moving artwork which Hawkins hopes others can use to fight their way through tough times.

‘Its fine just cover with your make up’

Throughout the tracks Hawkins distinct, raw vocals wriggle their way into your brain with that delicious Scottish accent. Whilst still capturing the DIY tone of recording, the EP is a perfect debut release with the centre being creativity!

Whats your favourite?


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