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Indoor Foxes: Butterfly Boy

Indoor Foxes.

You know those days where nothing feels right? Nothing suiting the vibe? You’re hitting shuffle more times than you’re scrolling on tik tok? Yeah, I feel you. But you can stop that now. Indoor Foxes, the absolute icon that she is has released her summertime single!

Butterfly Boy’, the first release since early 2021 is an emotional journey. Bringing the spotlight on fragile masculinity and the way in which this impacts male relationships and interactions. An issue we see and experience every day. Heavy stuff but rather important.

‘You don't care what I have to say’

Starting off with a snappy guitar beat and slowly introducing a more lighthearted drum section, Butterfly Boy is a contrast of fleeting inner emotions. The way that Indoor Foxes utiizes the deepness and rawness of the magnificent Scottish accent continues to bring light to the pain of not being heard.

After a year of crazy gigs, including headlining legendary venues such as Edinburgh's Sneaky Petes, I for one cannot wait to see what Indoor Foxes has planned for 2022!


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