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Conception: QBTS

Queens Behind the Scenes.

A podcast made by a Queen for Queens. Having already been running MusicStyleUndecided for almost 2 years, it was time to take the next step.

Attending an online Q&A with creator of Bitesized Bodacious Babes, it was clear that podcasts was something which interested me. Although, the confidence to start one was lacking. The live Q&A session allowed for all fears to be squashed and the idea to be born.

Starting off with just an idea to give more light to woman in the industry, the podcast would feature a woman in a more male dominated area such as producing, lighting and sound etc. This would show other women that there is a place for them in every part of the industry, not just backup singer, dancer or performer.


  • Power in femininity

  • Identity

  • Gender Issues

  • Expression

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