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Del Prez: Self-Destruct

Del Prez.

Now, I know this page is mainly focused on indie-rock (old habits die hard blah blah blah) but I do have other interests. Including, but not limited to, R&B, funk, soul and even, Electronic Dance. If the beat hits just right.

Del Prez, the genius behind the beats of Dev Greens ‘No Sleep’ and, `Heart Eyes’ ft. Cortne has hit the mark yet again. With his 3rd single ‘Self Destruct’ the electronic producer is looking to have us up and dancing once again. Packed with funk vibe basslines and jazz pop-focused overlays ‘Self Destruct’ is one for Friday nights or Tuesday mornings.

However, the single has a message for the masses. Vocals from the amazing Eleanor May, the track single-handedly says what we all wish to say about the past 2 years. From being an individual going through the pandemic to the government's choices on how to handle the virus, it's no wonder the world went Self Destruct.

‘ the way the 1% live, chasing an obsolete myth’

Now, if listening to Del Prez remixes and original works through your headphones or speaker isn't even for you, he is having his solo debut in The Hug and Pint, Glasgow on March 16th. There, we can all celebrate the launch of the first EP from Prez & it's going to be a banger!

Fun. Liberating. Demanding. The sound of 2022.


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