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Tell Me Something Good Nature TV

Nature TV.

English, indie-pop 4 piece Nature TV is back after the fantastic success of performing at The Great Escape festival. Working to bring us more chilled-out tunes, these guys have got my attention.

Tell Me Something Good’ is the latest release from Brighton's indie-pop Gods. Written as a way of processing the emotions of being in a one-sided relationship, the single features some personal lyrics from the band dissolving that barrier between artist and listener. Who can’t relate to heartbreak?

Featuring a mix of disco-style vocals and blues beats, this juxtaposition of a single has you vibing from start to finish. Perfect for study playlists, dancing in the kitchen, or working through those emotions, ‘Tell Me Something Good’ has it all.

Taking influence from the likes of Peach Pit, Real Estate & Beach Fossils the band captures the magical chords and pop vocals but add their own twist to the indie-pop genre. Even giving us some classic British rock n roll vibes. I approve.

Now, as we all love ‘Tell Me Something Good’, Nature TV has a few secrets up their sleeve. With the anticipation of an EP in the new year, you need to be following these guys!


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