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Nat Dempsey: Hersey

Nat Dempsey.

Love an indie rocker? Want more music to spice up your playlist? Want to be singing your lungs out in your kitchen at 2 am? Then Dempsey has the music for you!

The 20-year-old indie-rock singer-songwriter from Manchester has been releasing bangers since 2018 & 2021 was no different. With his latest single ‘Heresy’ released back in July, it's been an incredible year! Featuring classic indie vocals & upbeat, pop drums, it's hard not to have a dance.

Throughout his childhood, Dempsey has shown great interest in various genres but always came back to the true GOAT, indie rock. Working as a solo artist and in a band, the track is built on the memories made with friends throughout life. A true timepiece, ‘Heresy’ is the soundtrack to your 2022!

After finding his calling in 2018 with his debut single ‘LAUGHTER’, Dempsey is ready to take on 2022. With hopes of an album & gigs (if Miss Rona continues to allow) coming up this February in venues such as Retro and The Grafton Arms. Be sure to head to his socials to find out what's coming up for Nat Dempsey!

As a fun lil insight into Dempsey's mind, I got to ask if he could have a superpower, what would it be? His reply: 'I’d probably go with being able to automatically fill up my car, wallet, or phone battery whenever necessary by thought.' What do we think? What superpower would you have?


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