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fin: the sky is looking nice

Edinburgh-based producer, fin, is the latest R&B producer bursting out of small-town Edinburgh, Catterline. With hopes of smashing the Scottish R&B scene, fin has released his latest EP ‘the sky is looking nice’. Although, I’ll let you guys decide whether it's a hit or a miss.

‘The sky is looking nice’ kicks off with fin showing off his expert skills. Bringing you motivational speeches paired with stunning piano accompaniment. No matter your stance on politics, it’s difficult to miss the message of ‘breach repair’ especially when those smooth drum beats kick in.

Throughout the EP, fin has enlisted the help of his peers from Glasgow, Bristol & London showcasing fins impressive reach. The tracks are a perfect mix of chilled & light, summer loves to hard hitters with deeper undertones.

Fin also worked with his talented brother for his graphic design skills, shown on the groovy artwork plastered everywhere for the EP’s release and recently released Merch (linked below!). The EP sees an array of skills & talents from each corner of the UK. This groove-centric producer isn’t afraid to explore different genres or artists to make his art.

Now, it's up to you whether fin is due to take the R&B scene by storm (its a yes from me!)


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