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In Earnest: 29 Single Review

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

In Earnest.

In Earnest, alt/indie trio from Southend on Sea are taking lead on bringing mental health to the forefront. In Earnest are using their 'sad indie' voices to give attention to the importance of feeling safe and empowered in our own minds. Everyone needs that band which gives them the chance to breathe, and In Earnest is that band.

After 4 years these badasses added some spice and changed their name to In Earnest. Making the executive decision to voice their truth. Releasing music in hopes of inspiring others to join the conversation and discuss their own personal experiences with mental health. (boomers are shaking).

With the upcoming release of their EP, In Earnest are sharing their 3rd single '29' (link below). Written by frontman, Tom Eatherton on his 29th birthday. Sharing his treasured childhood memories, Tom emphasises the need to take a beat and appreciate the 'unimportant' moments in our lives. This single navigates its way through the highs and lows of life, from childhood, teenage confusion and finally discovering yourself as an adult (if that's possible). Describing the childlike freedom, we are coerced to dream of being fearless. Jumping over fences with no guarantee that we will land.

Now, let us discuss those VOCALS! Tom or should I say Passenger upgrade. Have you ever heard a voice so smooth? Taking charge with a strong baritone, we can’t help but fall in love. Sarah is giving us Billie Eilish control with Pale Waves, Heather Baron- Gracie power. Harmonizing like a true queen, In Earnest deserve to be applauded for providing us with such talent.

Each member has their own influences shining through. With Toby having a strong kinship to folklore and Tom being a passionate metal/emo fan, In Earnest have various influences shaping their creative sound. Taking back the narrative, their new single is a visionary piece, expressing the emotions of childhood.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, In Earnest have remained patient on the gig front. Taking to social media to perform live. Meaning, you MUST go stalk them for dates, times and what platform you’re tuning into.

As we are all aware, I have taken it upon myself to add some flavour to these posts by discovering what animal the guys see their band as. A spirit animal if you will. This one will hit you right in the feels. A Chameleon. In Earnest see themselves as Chameleon. Why? Because they never tire of exploring new music. They find themselves adapting to ensure their voices are heard! Sparking the conversations which most find unbearable.

“29” is the single which will be appreciated by all shapes and sizes. Soothing our souls, one note at a time.

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