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Vanives hit with 'Basic Love'


Small town skaters, Stuart and Roan are breaking out of small-town life with their debut album ‘Thanks’ featuring the second release of 2022 ‘Basic Love’. The duo has seen nothing but success since beginning their journey in 2018 with releases such as ‘Just Draw Daisies’ and ‘Nothing’. Now they are raring to take over with their multi-genre sound.

‘Basic Love’ released on the 16th of March 2022 is the latest single from Vanives. With an air of the cosiness provided by that of folk/soul artists with a dash of sad boy indie. Setting the scene in movies of those falling love montages in a field or on the beach. It's what we all need this summer.

Vanives create something unique with their music by creating a base layer of samples from home movies of their childhoods. An innovative yet deeply personal touch to such a public piece of art. With the soft, calming vocals of Stuart and the immersive accompaniment produced by Roan, the single brings forth a nostalgic rush of emotions.

The duo is set to release their debut album ‘Thanks’ on May 27th with a highly anticipated launch event on the 29th of May. Taking place in Glasgow's Oran Mor, I personally cannot contain my excitement! Get your tickets now!


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