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Inspirations & Concepts

With the basic idea of creating a podcast for women, the help of project supervisor, Clare Duffin was needed.

The meeting was held to discuss the correct theories which need to be researched. Pinpointing that gender, more specifically, Feminism was the main focus of the project. However, an educational element was also shown. The purpose of the podcast is to show women that there is a space for them, their work, their ideas to exsist within the industry.

With these themes being identified I could now start to focus on similar works such as En(gender)ed, Bitesize Bodacious Babes, etc. Focusing on the ways that they are produced and marketed to bring some idea of what I might be doing in the creation of my podcast.

Clare suggested the use of as a host as it allows for multiple hosting and adds a participatory element to the project. Allowing the audience to interact and learn from the project.

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