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Monza Express: Crying on the Radio

Monza Express.

Monza express logo

Aberdeen bred and born. Monza Express is a self-made indie machine. With all the guys having various experience in the music industry, Monza Express began in the most natural of ways. A jam session. The guys started a weekly jam session playing covers from their favourite artists which slowly turned into writing their own music.

Fraser Batemen (Vocals & Rythm Guitar), Greg Burgess (Bass), Kris Fraser (Keyboard), Shaun Reid (lead guitar) and David “Deco” Smith (drums). Mesh them all together and you get Monza Express! Now, I know you're probably wondering where the innocuous name, Monza Express, cam from. Well, I've got the juicy details. Kris, Fraser and Shaun work together at one of Aberdeens oil & gas companies. Being the super hard workers they are, they were looking for a shipowners magazine and the crafty title 'Monza Express makes music'. It was undoubtedly the eyecatching name the guys were after.

Being Aberdeen locals, Monza Express has been dedicated to playing the Aberdeenshire circuit. They found a true love for local venue Drummonds. With great staff, amazing lighting/sound and popular amongst tourists. Drummonds is a favourite for local artists. However, before Miss Rona rudely interrupted, Monza Express were set to travel further afield and open for The Kinks tribute band. Now,

the guys are looking to rearrange any possible gigs and be on our stages soon!

On July 10th (today!) Monza Express released their catchy new tune 'Crying on the Radio'. Don't be fooled by the colourful title, this single expresses dark themes of abuse, heartbreak and possible depression. The upbeat guitar riffs, drum solos and vocals let us pretend we are living the dream. Written by Keyboard wizard, Kris Fraser, 'Crying for the Radio' is one for streaming. Kris took inspiration for the singe after reading an article of another songwriter who would create backstories whilst people watching and turn them into songs. Kris developed the story of a man who called in late to a local radio station, singing a song about a woman who broke his heart (the romantic in me is thriving) in attempts to win her back.

Recorded at Floortom Studios, Aberdeenshire Studios. Owned by music industry expert Steve Curtis, the guys were in good hands to create a belter of a tune. After winning a Facebook competition for a free recording session, Monza Express stayed with old faithful Floortom Studios to record Crying for the Radio. Kris (this guy has all the connections) brought in trusted pal 'The Dub Cadet' to mix and master the single. What a great decision! Crying for the Radio is a single which will be played on my upcoming road trips and beach days (if the Scottish weather allows beach days).

Monza Express took matters into their own hands and produced a creative video for the single. (linked below). This video is a true DIY work of art. Casting band members, Shaun and Fraser (wheres the rest of the guys?!), family, friends and fans to mime the lyrics with the song dubbed over. Shaun then edited the video using trippy effects, masterful timing and the cuteness of a young Jedi (watch the video).

Now, to add some flavour to these iconic blogs (not that they need it). Ive been asking the bands what animal they would use to describe their band (dinosaurs included). Monza Express gave me an answer which required some research...


A goblin shark. Yes, you read that right. A goblin shark. And here's why. "Really old, look a bit funny/weird and has a cool name. Probably don’t take themselves too seriously either." Their words, not mine. I love a good shark (Megalodon fans where you at?) but this creature is just odd. I stan.

Check out Crying for the Radio on all streaming platforms! |Don't forget to watch the wholesome video, linked below!

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