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New Tunes Tuesday

Hi there! Welcome to my new series ' New Tunes Tuesday' Here we discuss new artists which have caught my attention and deserve the spotlight! Have an artist or someone involved in music you think deserves a shoutout, let me know at

First up we have the jiggers. The Lost Notes.

A 5 piece band located in Moseley, Birmingham. This crew are here to get you up and moving.

With a mix of high tempo tunes to heartfelt ballads, youre sure to love their new album 'Lowlifes

and High Times'. Having a unique mix of folk and jazz, 2 co-writers, Ben and Oli are both passionate regrading their genres (a beautiful combination, dont you think?).

Lowlifes and High Times is the second album to be created by these 5 gifted indivudals containing stunning piano runs, foot tapping drum beats (and a pinch of cowbell rhythms) with a glorious blend of 3 part harmonies.

What are my favourite songs you ask? First we have this unbelievable show stopper of a track: All Born Free. A song which holds just powerful lyrics your jaw will drop.

'We are all born free, So why do you put these chains on me?'

With no fear in qestioning the wrongs of the world, All Born Free explores the unique challenges we face throughout life.

Next, we have the head bopper, finger wagging tune 'Goodbye Yesterday' . Guaranteed to get you

up and moving, 'Goodbye Yesterday' shows each members skills and what they bring to the table (and their table is overflowing with talent).

Its safe to say that The Lost Notes have produced a banger of an album. Lowlifes and High Times the album for those experiencing life at its lowest and its fullest. Out 5/12/2020!!

Luke White.

21 year old singer songwriter from Bedfordshire has talent in abundance. White released is single on 6/11/2020 and is being the beacon of light during these dark times.

'Keep Holding On' is the immensley emotional single from Luke White.

Taking a strong influence from artists such as James Blunt and Dermott Kennedy. White has

written and executed a smooth cresendo into the passionate chorus. 'Keep Holding On' was written as motivation for those facing the struggles of COVID and the lockdowns implemented by the government. Sticking with the story telling theme of his work, White has created a song which contains lyrics to resonate with us all.

White's talent has not only been recognised by myself but the musci industry star, Billy Lockett and Abby Road legend, Haydn Bendall. Highlighting, Luke Whites clear future in singwriting.

Now, if you do your homework and listen to Keep Holding On (like I know you will) you will hear the delicate guitar skills completed by White. A long with his glossy vocals, building right through the track.

You can now stream 'Keep Holding On' on Spotify!! (link below) Whilst checking out other lyrical pieces such as 'Break My Fall'.

Last, but by no means least. we have Maya Jane.

15 year old singer songwriter based in Greenock, Scotland. At 13 Maya wrote her single 'Everydays The Same' for her close friend who was struggling with mental health. Now, recognising that Maya couldnt fix the issues in a physical sense, 'Everdays The Same' was born.

Having had a connection with singing since Maya was young, it was evident that this young

woman was going to be a star. Partaking in roles such as the Genie from the lamp (if you dont know the film you're too young) Maya Jane also tried her hand at different instruments including the violin, however, quickly realised guitar was the one for her.

Maya Janes abilities were quickly noticed by event promoter B12 Entertainment. With shows being planned for post- rona entertianment (linked below!!).

When asking Maya Jane who the main infulences are on her music, it was clear that there was just a true love for music overall. The greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Paolo Nutini and The Kinks were mentioned. Although, the artist that stood out the most was Amy Winehouse. Like th epowerhouse, Maya Jane expresses her emotions through her music.

'Everyday's The Same' the single showing that its never too late (or too early) to chase your dreams.

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