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New Tunes Tuesday: Series 2, Part 1

We're back! With a new logo, new series, and a whole load of bangers!


If Perks Of Being A Wallflower is your favourite movie, you've came to the right place.

South-End on Sea indie-surfers, Rooskin, have released their summertime anthem. ‘Cruising’ is the 2022 single and it is perfect for just that. With the tropical feeling intro, you’re immediately swept into the tidal wave that is ‘Cruising’.

The single was written to transcend you into the clouds, to let go of the weights of everyday life. It's clean, fresh, and simply a bop. Featuring the airy vocals of In Earnest members Tom and Sarah, the track embodies warm summer nights.

Im excited to see more from Rooskin, maybe an EP?

Roisin O’Hagan.

Our fav Americana-pop Queen is ready for 2022. With dominating success throughout 2021, O’Hagan is preparing for national domination.

Sunset Valley’ is the single that all is Swifty lovers need to be adding to our playlists. Telling the story of love that is never quite finished, ‘Sunset Valley’ is romantic, soft, and uplifting. When listening you immediately create your own falling in love montage and this is definitely the perfect soundtrack.

With O’Hagans iconic country vocals paired with the defining drum beat, ‘Sunset Valley’ hits every itch you'll ever have this summer.

Red King.

A bit different from our other 2 artists. Red King is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Glasgow. Releasing his latest single ‘Whirlwind Head’, a title I can personally relate to.

Using music as a form of expression and therapy, Red King works his way through the struggles of being thrown into situations we arent quite ready for. Being thrown back into normal life after 2 years of limbo, we are all finding ways to ‘fit’, and sometimes, that means not fitting in at all.

‘Whirlwind Head’ is the difficulties we face throughout life in a hard-hitting art form. Coming out this Friday!


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