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New Tunes Tuesday: Part 9

The Great Leslie.

Rockstars. Music Gods. The Great Leslie are no strangers to the spotlight or MusicStyleUndecided.

Back with their latest single, TGL have gone all out. Indie-pop vocals, a crescendo of riffs & beats, you’ll have it stuck in your head for days to come. After the success of the debut single ‘Out Of my Hands’, The Great Leslie are ready for the stage.

‘Everything From Last Night’ features the memories of being on holiday, dancing, and living your best life without worry. With indie-pop vocals, compelling guitar riffs and energetic drums it's hard not to have it on repeat. Usual from The Great Leslie.

Anyone else getting Two Door Cinema Club meets Stiff Dylans? (Comment below)

‘Everything From Last Night’: a hit from start to finish.

Walker Tex.

A voice everyone needs to hear in their lives.

With a knack for putting his twist on the classics, Walker Tex is back with his rendition of ‘The Importance of Being Idle’ by Oasis. Replacing that Manchester twang for deep, rustic vocals. Keeping all-instrumental lowkey allows Walker Tex to really show off those authentic vocals.

Let's not forget that guitar solo! Working with the deep bass drum to provide a dark, heavy undertone that the original lacks gives this version something sensual. A distorted guitar solo in the midst of an indie-folk song is always a must.

Now, if you've stopped reading this post to go find the single and listen on repeat...You’ll have to wait until September 12th! Then you can find it all streaming platforms to fulfill your rainy day soundtrack.


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