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New Tunes Tuesday: Part 8

Funeral Lakes.

Based in Kingston, Ontario, this duo are ready for the autumn (or fall for my Americans) music scene. Following the release of their 2020 EP ‘ Golden Season’, the duo are releasing ‘Redeemer’ to the world.

I encourage fans of Of Monster and Men, Arcade Fire, and just sheer good music to gather round for the release of ‘Redeemer’ on August 20th, 2021. This 4 track EP is filling the gap in my playlists which has been apparent for years. Hermes & Mishos self-recorded the EP in their home in small-town Kingston, Ontario, so you know it's going to be everything we have been dreaming of.

Gothic. Daring. Enchanting. With vocals from both Hemer & Mishos which adds that depth of folklore.

Get out your diary, calendar, notes, whatever you use to keep track of your life & make sure you have ‘Redeemer’ saved for August 20th, 2021!!

Myla Vie.

Been feeling kinda low lately and need to remember how much of a bad bitch you are? Myla Vie is here to remind you. With her long-awaited release ‘The Irony of Loneliness’, Myla Vie is ready to show us her true talent.

Kicking off with the ultimate vibe ‘Bad’. Giving us all the Qveen Herby realness, Myla Vie has perfected her craft. Working through COVID, the self-made artist has taken the time to make her dreams come true and make our playlists lit!

The Irony of Loneliness is 6 tracks of heartbreak, empowerment & realising the power of self-worth. Out August 20th, 2021!!

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