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New Tunes Tuesday: Part 10

It's been a while and whilst I've been off my emails are filling up with all the new music from 80’s groove to Indie-rock. So, enjoy the latest series of NTT with all the tracks you need to be listening to for that summer vibe.

James Burt.

With the success of 2021 single ‘Heartbreak High’ and the widely loved 2020 single ‘Dance in the Rain’, Burt is back with a new sound. The 23-year-old music performance graduate is a BBC Music of the Week favourite and rightfully so. If he isn't dropping indie-pop hits, with those Dan Smith vocals, Burt is out here making 80’s dance-pop bangers.

‘Sing That Song’ is the absolute 80’s inspired bop from Burt. For sure making it in my Dirty Dancing fantasy. Set for release on the 8th of April (get it in the google calendar), the single is layered with those nostalgic 80’s synths, infectious drums and can we please give the spotlight to that short but glorious guitar solo, wow. The ever romantic lyricist, Burt, gives power to that one moment when you look at someone and know that everything is going to be perfect.

The Phantom Project.

Now, you may recognise this name from my recent cover of their performance in Broadcast, Glasgow. But these guys have so much more to their name. Performing on bills such as the Isle of White fest and TRSMT, TPP has been making moves for quite some time.

Ready to tackle 2022 with one hell of a force, ‘Broken Fingers’ is delivering the first punch. With a bit more of an influence from grunge, the single is darker than the 2021 single ‘Fallen Times’. The rock band is experiencing new sounds and it's one hell of a vibe.

Broken Fingers out now!

Oh Romance.

Alt-indie band Oh Romance are not letting anything stop them this time. With a new lease of life the indie-rock band is quickly becoming a Glasgow favourite with the recently released single ‘Another Night’, the band are quickly making their name known.

‘Tongue Tied’ is full-on grunge, rock, and all things hot. A single stirring up those feelings you might forget whilst being so focused on the grind. Being flustered by someone, its a song for pure pleasure (She’s saucy). Released just in time for those summertime flings, the single will be all you can think about.

Tongue-Tied out now!


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