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New Tunes Tuesday: Part 7

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

New Tunes Tuesday.

Ben Walker.

A young musician with a voice you cannot ignore. Herewith his debut release ‘Start Again: Stripped Back’, Ben Walker is only beginning to show us his talents. The track consists of 2 things: guitar and flawless vocals.

As Walker experiments with his lyrics the time for instrumental experimentation is just around the corner. Eager to get into a studio, Walker is determined to bring us a full band recording of the single and I for one cannot wait!

For now let's focus on the strong Scottish vocals and those lyrics. Written about a friend of Walkers who was in a bit of a love triangle, the song captures thoughts and the wild emotions we all feel when searching for a love that isn't ours. The almost love song has ballad potential, however, keeps itself well rounded with its indie-rock influences.

You can find ‘Start Again: Stripped Back’ on all streaming platforms and support the musician on his social accounts (all linked below). If not, your feed just isn’t complete.

Walker Tex.

Glasgow born creator, Walker Tex, is loving the Irish way of life including the music scene. With a love for music and all things creative, Tex is on a mission to take us on a journey through his music.

The latest release ‘Make Me Smile’ is by definition a work of art. A reimagining of the classic by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, Walker Tex adds some spice with raw vocals and eerily soothing percussion. The addition of Tex old school country rock vocals creates a romantic mood which we all need in our lives, single or not.

The musician enlisted the help of producer Sergio Selva to take us on this rollercoaster of emotions. With the goal of utilising the negative space within the original track, the duo has created an entirely new perspective on the track.

The track has been paired with a video that is due for release in the next coming months, showing yet another side of Walker Tex creative mind. The artist has generated quite the social media following through his love for photography, music and other creative outlets.

Check out ‘Make Me Smile’ now!


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