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Oh Romance Invite You for Another Night!

Oh Romance.

Glasgow's latest indie-pop trio, armed with energetic drum pops and splashes of sad boy energy. It's all just glorious.

Having their musical debut in 2021 with single ‘Are You Satisfied?’ the band came together from the distaste for bands with no direction. Forming together to create the indie-love songs we all cherish for our playlists.

Starting off 2022 on the right note. Oh Romance has released their latest single ‘Another Night’. Filled with passion and heat from the possibility of a new romance, the single is made for those of us in love with the idea of love. So, everyone. Featuring vibrant pop beats, paired with muted, romantic vocals, ‘Another Night’ is addictive in the best way.

After the success of supporting The Capollos in Glasgow, the guys are ready for a gig-filled year! Catch them on 25th February supporting Spangled. Playing alongside Glasgow rockers, KAMORA. And, if we pray hard enough, we might just get a debut EP from Glasgow's biggest romantics, Oh Romance!


Listen to 'Another Night' here

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