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Reaching New Heights

The Great Heights Band.

Time to ditch the office wear, the heels and the no make-up make-up look. Bust out the beat-up converse, the checked shirt and the heavy eyeliner. The Great Heights Band is giving our punks within the moment they deserve. This rad-pop band are killing it with their twist on alt-rock. 2012 me is just dying to come out.

The Great Heights Band began back in 2014 with 2 pals, Neil Karkhanis (vocalist/guitarist) and Owen Brinser (bassist) reuniting over their love more music. The band expanded organically. Recording with sessions musicians until they met Paul Martinez (drums) who fit perfectly. Eric Taft (vocalist/ guitarist) joined the guys later as a fill on tour which soon became permanent.

Since then The Great Heights Band has certainly been busy. With releasing their debut album ' Songs in Eastern Standard Timing' in 2015, engineered and produced by Eric Taft (man of many talents). This band waits for no one. Taking on the DIY attitude and being the punks they are, The Great Heights band write, record, produce and even film majority of the music/music videos themselves. True The 4some has toured with the likes of Eternal Boy, New Politics (takes me back) and Carousel Kings.

Now, TGHB is represented by rad pop records. An independent record label in Baltimore, Maryland (Don't quote hairspray). Rad pop records are home to Follow the Bliss, Taller Tales and various others. This independent label is making its way to the top by signing raw, talented artists. The agents have a true eye for potential.

In April, TGHB released their first EP on rad-pop records, Cabin Fever. Now, this is an EP Ill be downloading and listening to on repeat. Cabin Fever has reached over 500,000 streams on Spotify! Single 'Clutter' is the anthem for those of us with too many thoughts. Shut it off, turn the speakers up and dance around your room to this one. TGHB use their tongue in cheek lyrics to force us to face our demons. Mixed with pop influences so we do it with a smile on our faces. Balance.

Cabin Fever was recorded and produced in Tafts Buzzlounge studio, Baltimore. This EP keeps the punk way of DIY, even though Taft's skills are insane. The Great Heights Band are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

I know you guys are wondering about new music. I can confirm that TGHB are working on new music. Being true musicians, the guys are giving their EP time to be loved by us. They have begun recording new music. And are looking for the best way to release it to us. So thoughtful, I know. For now, we have to enjoy the mind-blowing sounds of Cabin Fever. How will we survive?

In regards to tour dates. TGHB have assured me that they are itching to be on our stages again. However, are waiting until the world is safe before organising any gigs. Join me in watching their social media for updates. I have no doubt that The Greatest Heights Band are going to be making massive moves in the near future. And keep us rocking through our roaring 20's.

Check out their new EP, Cabin Fever, on Spotify now!




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