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Sasha Kaloheris: Bad Days

Sasha Kaloheris.

17-year-old singer-songwriter from Renfrewshire, Glasgow. This insanely talented young woman is finally coming out with her debut single ‘Bad Days’. Kaloheris has been working in the Glasgow music scene since 2017 and is now making sure she has her place in the spotlight.

With an outstanding portfolio of performing under her belt, Kaloheris has shown her talents to the audiences of Glasgow's King Tuts, Hard Rock Cafe, and various others. Now with ‘Bad Days’ Karolheris is ready to perform her own music! Written in the confines of her childhood bedroom, the single is perfect for the times we are all facing. ‘Bad Days’ discusses just that, the bad days that can sometimes outweigh the good.

The single is nothing if not a picture of reality. Highlighting that we can be strong enough to face the bad days because we have the memories and anticipation of the good days. Mixed with an upbeat intro, airy guitar instrumental, and of course Kaloheris’s strong vocals. With strong Moana vibes, it’s hard not to feel empowered.

Kaloheris is set to release her debut EP showing us more of her creative mind. The songwriter also has gigs already lined up! Performing at festivals such as Party in the Palace 2021 and Gig in the Goil 2022!


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1 Comment

Norm Trousdale
Norm Trousdale
Apr 27, 2021

One of my top 2 singers in the world. This kid is incredible live.

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