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Single Review: This Mess Within

Euan Chalmers.

Newbie on the block, Euan Chalmers, is coming in hot! This singer-songwriter is releasing his debut single ‘This Mess Within’ coming September 11th! Chalmers is showing off his talent for songwriting in releasing this original work and giving us all kinds of country/ folk vibes. And I am not complaining.

Coming from the outskirts of Edinburgh, Chalmers is creating his own opportunities in this highly demanding industry. Now, you might be wondering what could possibly possess a 21-year-old to start a career in music. The creativity of course! Chalmers isn't afraid of a challenge and is taking songwriting by the horns with his debut single.

‘This Mess Within’ (11/09/2020)is a hard-hitting single with the potential to become a permanent tune in my daily playlist. Taking massive influence from Britain's very own, Chalmers is aiming for the main stages in the future festivals (if we ever get any). Discussing the single itself, I'm getting insane Zutons/ Fratelli vibes. Those cords are coming at you with some major indie-rock. Now that voice! I have racked my brain for days on who Chalmers sounds like with no such luck. Which can only mean one thing? We have a new unique voice within the industry! Finally a win for 2020.

With the success of being signed to Straight Records label, Chalmers is exploring his sound in the studio where he is hopefully writing an EP... He is quickly finding his feet in the world of social media. Gaining quick recognition on his Instagram, @euanchalmers_music, within a short couple of weeks. But we could all use more love on the gram right? Chalmers is working towards building a following which relates to him and his music. Its nothing but real over on his platform!

Debut single, This Mess Within, was recorded and produced at the luxurious SAE institute. Fancy, right? Creating his single in a studio which is home to high-quality equipment and skilled producers, allowed Chalmers to bring us a work of art. Professional yet raw. Clean yet just the right amount of messy. Hopefully, Chalmers continues working here and quickly brings us an EP. A$AP Rocky.

Now the part I get most excited to write. The animal that Euan finds most embodies himself and his music. He was given the choice of any animal living on this earth. He chose a polar bear! Why? Because polar bears are born with the cunning ability to adapt and learn new skills in new environments. Much like Chalmers. He is quickly adapting the industry and letting his talents shine through.

To summarise, Chalmers is a name which will not be drowned out by the noise. He will be noticed and remembered within the Scottish music industry.

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