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Two Tone Television: Old News

Two Tone Television.

Glasgow's new-age punk band is popping off! Performing for 2 years these guys need to be recognised. Having has various members, various song sets, Two Tone Television has finally found its calling. Giving us life.

Being true to their punk ways, TTT has grown organically through gigging anywhere that would let them and once they played...I'm going to assume they were asked to come back. finding success in their releases over 2019 and 2020 TTT is quickly becoming a Glasgow favourite. After showing my appreciation for the band (sliding in those DMs) I discovered us Two Tone Television fans have a direct love for their single 'The Heavy'. Generating an insane 7890 streams on Spotify alone! We love a good headbanger.

Now to discuss their sound. One word. Perfection. As a music enthusiast, I must force everyone I come into contact with to listen to the music Im loving. And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Im not the only one getting Jon Fratelli vibes from that voice. Odd I know. However, if we single out the voice (we'll get to the insane guitar riffs and drum beats in a moment) I find a strong likeness to Jon Fratelli and The Zutons, Dave McCabe. Maybe we'll get a 'Valerie' cover with a punk twist soon?

If you crave jagged-edged guitar riffs (the goosebumps are real) and dream beats which literally blow your mind. 'Twisted Animator' is the one for you. In fact, every song is for you. Two Tone Television are giving us so much talent I don't know if us Scots can handle it (And we can handle a lot).

On July 3rd the boys released 'Old News'. And what a treat that is. They are coming at us hard with unhinged aggression and Gen Z ferocity. Old News is here to cause chaos. Recorded at 7West in Glasgow by the skilful Chris Marshall and Jamie Holmes, this single is one for the charts. The guys have released a single which is hard-hitting yet relatable through their emotional lyrics and punk style.

Focusing hard on the rugged lyrics of Old News, TTT have nailed it. These lyrics, mixed with heavy guitar riffs, drum beats, top-notch vocals provide an ironic upbeat vibe. A skill I appreciate in my music. With more music still to come the guys are proving they are anything but Old News.

I know we are all dying to hear about their tour they are obviously going to be announcing...right? However, TTT have confirmed that they have no plans for performing onstage in 2020. They have confirmed that they have big plans for 2021 but that's 'top secret'. Their words, not mine. For now we have the immense pleasure of following them on social media (all linked below). Watching as they hone in on their craft and prepare to give us an unforgettable performance in 2021!

Now, when talking with the guys I figured we could spice these blogs up a little. I asked the guys if they were to describe Two Tone Television as an animal, what would it be? And I was not expecting the answer I received. Prepare yourself.

A Kangaroo. Yup, you read that right. A Kangaroo. And the reason hits me right in the feels. the

Kangaroo is the only pentapedal animal as its tail is considered a 5th leg. With keyboard master, Neil, joining the band Two Tone Television has finally found its direction. " No one knows what he actually does but he’s made us the band we are today and without its tail, it just wouldn’t be a fucking kangaroo would it?" Doesn't that just melt your cold, black heart?

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