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The Capollos: Electrify

The Capollos.

A band you’ve certainly seen on my blog before (check out my post linked below!). You obviously followed them on Instagram right? Good.

The Capollos are a 4 piece alternative/ indie rock band from Granite City, Aberdeen. With

amazing success on their 2019 single ‘Addiction’, they are bringing us this rock-pop single ‘ Electrify’. What a title! Electrify is the right single to have blaring through your speakers during our social distance meetups (2 meters guys!).

Electrify is giving us a The Killers 'Somebody Told Me' moment, which we love, with that heavy rock intro. Moving into strong influences from the Strokes and Catfish & The Bottlemen. This award-winning band knows they've got skills and they aren't afraid to show it. This single, with sensual lyrics and a compelling pop vibe, this appeals to all of us. Yes, even the Karens of the world.

The Capollos have been working on this single for months. Bringing it back to basics, the guys started off with a dominating riff then had songwriter and singer nurture it into this banging pop-rock single. The single will be available on all streaming platforms on June 12th! Get that noted in your calendars!

Now, as all bands start out, recordings can be a little rocky. But these guys are seasoned vets. Electrify is professional yet still very much indie/ DIY vibes. Instruments recorded in their pal's private studio and vocals recorded in their producer's house (professional & DIY). However, let's be real, Electrify could be recorded on a 1st generation iPhone and still sound insane.

I cannot wait to hear this one performed live on stage by the band themselves! Displaying the swagger of the Arctic Monkeys and the effortless skill, you don't want to miss it. The mosh pits are going to be unmissable! Unfortunately with the ever-pending doom of COVID-19, The Capollos had to reschedule their gig dates. Supporting This Feeling on 21st & 22nd of August at The Cellar. The Capollos are going to show you how it's done. Performing single Electrify you are sure to forget a global pandemic ever happened (a difficult thing to do).

Left with nothing but excitement for the new single (Available on all streaming platforms on June 12th!) I order you to follow The Capollos on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify (Linked below). If not youll be experiencing major FOMO and no one wants that.

Check out Electrify on June 12th!

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